Singing Lessons - Loren Easterbrook

singing lessons in Christchurch, vocal coaching, specialising in jazz, rock and contemporary.

Loren Easterbrook

Loren has been teaching ukulele and singing for seven years. She has a Bachelor of Music from Christchurch Polytechnic and is currently taking on students who are interested in contemporary, rock and jazz singing and developing musicianship skills. She encourages her students to achieve to a high level, in an encouraging, supportive learning environment. Loren draws on a wide range of approaches to learning music, including the Seth Riggs approach, the Kodaly approach and her work as a jazz singer. She has a passion for composition and encouraging creativity in others, and runs a composition club for jazz musicians.

Loren is also available to teach ukulele and guitar, covering popular songs and helping students to accompany themselves.

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