Choral Arrangements

Nikki and Gary love arranging songs for choirs to sing unacommpanied or with percussion. They will arrange a favourite song especially for your choir, and also have a range of arrangements for all abilities already available.

Support For Choirs

As well as providing new material for your choir, Nikki enjoys working with choirs to help bring out the best in the singers. She can work with the group to develop an overall better sound, through blending, pitch accuracy, tonal colour and rhythmic work. Nikki and Gary also run workshops on improvisation and developing solo singing skills. Many people who sing in choirs have some fears around singing solo. Nikki and Gary are respectful of people’s feelings, but challenge singers to let go of limiting identities. Through learning new techniques, and challenging old ideas, choir singers can become soloists, and the whole choir benefits from the shared experience.